Sapphire Logo Card Holder

Sapphire Logo Card Holder

It's no surprise that by never restocking our products, we love to bring back the classics in new and improved color ways. From our "Dear Planet" Hoodies to "Heavenly Orbit" Knit Sweaters it's no different that the "Sapphire" Logo Card Holder has been brought to life.


In all honesty, I had no idea that the original card holders would resonate and be supported so strongly to the extent that it was. As the brand has progressed through different products (and still has many more things to check off the list), it made sense to try out an accessory, which then led to the idea of a small leather good, which finally led to the inception of a card holder.


As with every piece, the thought is always how can the product feel "different" and "unique" to what has already been done before, while also thinking about the context and message to be portrayed and executed each time. While we have many different themes and messages to be included in the brand's ethos, the card holder felt like the right place to try this new idea - including a simple quote on the back, with the intention of the beholder viewing on a daily basis. The quote isn't meant to be overly daring, poetic, or even engaging to an extent, but rather a small reminder that hopefully strikes a chord every so often to make you think and hopefully progress positively through your day.


The quote included on the initial release, "What will you accomplish today?", acts as simple reminder to stay focused and determined on the tasks at end, both big and small. My true intention was for people to get this subtle reminder every once in a while when they needed it most and find a little push or extra motivation in their day. With the newest addition including "Talk Less, Listen More.", this is actually a reflection of something I've found profound in my own life. As someone who finds it naturally easier to listen than speak, and having discussed on numerous accounts about what more listening actually does in any given conversation, the idea is to again provide a subtle reminder on a good habit that hopefully has some impact.


All of that said, I'm very well aware some people will enjoy this card holder because of the color, some because they simply need a quality affordable wallet alternative, some because they just want to support the brand, and some who really enjoy the quote or entire design philosophy. At the end of the day, I just enjoy putting out new ideas into the world and seeing people resonate differently and forming their own opinions about what the products mean to them.



yap yap yap, treat yourself to a new cardholder today.


- Daniel

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